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“Music fills space between people”

Gair o Gariad is a unique theatrical experience. Your hosts, Lleuwen and Rhodri, will welcome you with a glass of sparkling wine or water, and then, through music, their love story unfolds. This event is somewhere between a wedding reception, a wake and a radio dedication show, and what makes it especially exciting is that most of the show is created following dedications sent in beforehand by audiences. The dedications vary greatly in tone, and can be to anyone — husband, wife, partner, lover, friend, parents, grandparents, animals etc etc — you may be celebrating a birthday or an anniversary — let us know!

You don’t have to ask for a dedication if you want to see the show but following feedback from previous performances people were sorry they hadn’t!

So, if you want to join us on this happy occasion, please send a dedication to someone you love to…………….. Tell us what they mean to you and why you’ve chosen this piece of music, and your messages may become part of the show.

Only 40 tickets available for each performance.

This is a Welsh language production, but the production is highly visual and an English précis will be available.

Cast: Lleuwen Steffan a Rhodri Sion 

Director: Betsan Llwyd 

Technicians: Berwyn Morris-Jones, Emyr Morris-Jones

Short examples of dedications:

"Mum, it’s May again, and I want you to know that I still remember"

"To my husband…I remember thinking that the worst had passed, and that spring was on its way"

"Thanks Dad, for being you…Thanks for singing me to sleep"

"Well, this is the best song in the world, so I’m dedicating it to myself!"


"What a journey of experiences, from laughing out loud and pure embarrassment, to remembering long-forgotten dreams…Everyone left with eyes glistening and wide smiles on their faces"

"I saw the tissues being passed around, and the audience was emotionally touched"

Gair o Gariad

(Welsh only)

Gwahoddiad i ddigwyddiad mwyaf rhamantus yr wythnos yng nghwmni:

Rhodri Sion a Lleuwen Steffan.

Dewch i gynnig llwnc destun i gariadon o bob math... cariadon hen a newydd. Cariad rhwng dau, rhwng dwy, rhwng plant a'u rhieni, rhwng ffrindiau, rhwng perchnogion a'u hanifeiliaid...

Llun 06/08/2018 - Stiwdio Seligman, Chapter - 8pm
Mawrth 07/08/2018 - Stiwdio Seligman, Chapter - 8pm
Mercher 08/08/2018 - Stiwdio Seligman, Chapter - 2.30pm & 8pm
Iau 09/08/2018 - Stiwdio Seligman, Chapter - 8pm
Gwener 10/08/2018 - Stiwdio Seligman, Chapter - 8pm


Mewn cydweithriad gyda Chapter, Caerdydd ac Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Caerdydd.

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