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Y Dyn Gwyn, O Myfanwy, and Mynd i’r Wal

A series of short plays by Aled Jones Williams.

Three ‘monolgues’, independent of each other but which also blend and intertwine enough so could be called a trilogy:

“I emphasise that they are not about Covid! But…they did stem from that period. So, in them, there is a sense of paranoia and of a world where people are living under threat often bordering on violence”. (Aled Jones Williams)


Y Dyn Gwyn  – Cefin Roberts 

O Myfanwy – Valmai Jones a Dyfan Roberts 

Mynd i’r Wal – Maureen Rhys a John Ogwen

Location: Theatr Bara Caws, Uned A1, Cibyn, Caernarfon

Dates: 12/07/22 + 15/07/22

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